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24 years old, from China

Ning Xie

I came to Greater Montréal in 2011 for my undergraduate studies. I considered several Canadian metropolitan areas, but chose Greater Montréal because of how multicultural it is. I love meeting people from different backgrounds and trying exotic foods, and here, I’m spoiled for choice!

The cost of living is much lower in Greater Montréal than in other large Canadian metropolitan areas. For a student, that’s important.

I chose to stay in Greater Montréal after I finished school because there are so many employment opportunities for international workers. I found a job in a financial institution after looking through job postings that required Cantonese speakers.

The Québec experience program (PEQ) through the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion of Québec also played a role in my decision to stay here. It’s an immigration program  that facilitates permanent settlement of foreigners who have completed their studies in Québec..

Another great thing about Greater Montréal is how much the metropolitan area encourages entrepreneurship. There are so many businesses and support systems for people with projects here. I benefited from these personally when I co-founded the China-Canada Junior Chamber of Commerce during my studies.

My 3 favourite places in Greater Montréal

René-Lévesque Park– This park is located at the end of the bike trail along the Lachine Canal. I bike there at least once a month. The view of the river and surrounding nature is incredible, especially in the summer and fall.

Bota Bota Spa – My friends and I enjoy visiting this spa, which operates on a boat and gives an amazing view of the city and the Old Port.

Plateau-Mont-Royal – I love walking in this young and vibrant neighbourhood filled with so many great restaurants and bars.

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

Square Saint-Louis

Photo credit : Alex Caban