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25 years old, from France

Rodolphe Barrère

When I was 17, I wanted to break away from the path that had been planned for me in France. To the surprise of my friends and family, I decided to go on an adventure and enrolled in university in Greater Montréal. I arrived here in 2009 to study business administration. It was the first time I had ever set foot in Canada! 

During my university studies, I co-founded a company with my best friend and roommate to help connect local residents with businesses. Because it was so successful, staying in Greater Montréal after we finished school was a no-brainer.

It’s been eight years since I arrived and I consider myself a true Montrealer at heart. There is no better metropolitan area in the world to live in! I love everything about Greater Montréal: the people, the unusual architecture, the nightlife…

It’s a friendly region where social integration is easy. People from different cultures live together in incredible harmony.

This friendliness extends into the professional sphere as well. As an entrepreneur, I have approached people in senior positions who welcomed me with kindness and respect.

Originally from France, I feel totally at home in Greater Montréal. The metropolitan area makes me feel like I belong here.

My 3 favourite places in Greater Montréal

Chez Roger et Denise – This coffee shop was basically our office during the first few months that we were setting up our business.

Au Pain Perdu – This is my favourite restaurant for brunch. They have the best breakfast poutine in all of Greater Montréal!

La Distillerie – I lived next to this bar for years. They have fabulous cocktails and the staff are awesome. It’s one of the best bars in Greater Montréal.

La Distillerie

300 Rue Ontario Est

Photo credit : La Distillerie