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28 years old, from Madagascar

Zishaan Moledina

Because I attended a French college in Madagascar, I wanted to pursue my engineering studies in a French university. I chose a Greater Montréal institution because its program was focused on practical studies that would allow me to apply engineering concepts to concrete projects.

I quickly realized one could find success here, even without an extensive network of contacts. I easily found an internship in an aeronautics firm and immediately received a job offer after obtaining my Bachelor's degree.

After completing a Master's in Aerospace Technologies in England, I came back to settle down in Greater Montréal, mainly because of the significant work opportunities in my field. Greater Montréal is the only metropolitan area in the world where an entire aircraft can be assembled, without any outsourcing. Moreover, its job market is less saturated than in Europe. In fact, upon my return, I received another job offer from a top aeronautics firm.

I can see that people here are generally laid back and open minded. Montrealers are also very disciplined: they line up to wait for the bus and respect traffic lights. This discipline makes everyone's life a little easier.

I received a warm welcome in Greater Montréal. I'm glad to be an active member of Québec society, currently, as a permanent resident and soon, as a Canadian citizen.

My 3 favorite places in Greater Montréal

Le parc des Rapides, à LaSalle - It's a bird sanctuary where you can listen to the rapids and admire the St. Lawrence River and South Shore. This park's entire ecosystem is very interesting. 

L’Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal - In addition to being stunning, the Oratory is especially meaningful to me because both my graduation and engineering ring ceremonies were held there.

Le Paltoquet - This pastry shop on Van Horne Avenue is my favorite place in Greater Montréal to have coffee or breakfast.

Parc des Rapides


Photo credit : Jean Gagnon