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32 years old, from Austria and Niger

Oumar Diallo

In 2003, I left Vienna, where I grew up, to come study in Greater Montréal. As I had attended a French college, Greater Montréal seemed like a great combination of the French- and English-speaking environments.

Before I enrolled in university, I had already come to Greater Montréal to visit a friend and, I had really enjoyed my stay.

Being multilingual, the fact that both French and English were spoken here, seemed ideal to me. The beauty here is that we all end up understanding and respecting one another. Diversity is something to celebrate. In Greater Montréal, we can do beautiful things together.

After my Bachelor's degree, I returned to Europe to be closer to my family, to take some entrance exams at a reputable school, but also, to work for some international organizations.

However, I never lost touch with life in Greater Montréal. I was actively involved in university life and had built a solid network of friends. From 2007 to 2013, I regularly returned to Greater Montréal vacation.

In 2011, I began dating one of my friends from Greater Montréal. And so, it was love that made me come back for good to Greater Montréal in 2013! Since I love this metropolitan area, settling down here permanently wasn't a hard decision to make. Today I work for a major engineering firm which does business worldwide.

What do I appreciate most about Greater Montréal? Here, life is good. You can find success, regardless of your origin or religion. There is a lot less hierarchy in workplaces compared to Europe. In fact, society as a whole is much more free-flowing. And, here, the human potential is huge! Greater Montréal can play in the big leagues and is second to no metropolitan area!

My 3 favorite places in Greater Montréal and its surroundings

The Belvédère Kondiaronk on Mount Royal – I like to take walks on Mount Royal Park and admire the city from the belvedere. It's a fabulous place in the fall.

Lachine Canal – I cycle a lot in the summer and the bike path along the Lachine Canal, with all its greenery, is especially enjoyable.

Mont Tremblant – It's a magnificent ski resort not too far-off from the city. And, having spent my childhood in Austria, you can say I'm somewhat of an expert in this area!

Le belvédère Kondiaronk

1196 Camillien-Houde, Montréal, QC, H3H 1A1

Photo credit : Mélanie Berthe