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38 years old, from Mexico

Paola Samano

I initially came to Greater Montréal for a 6-month, university exchange program. I enjoyed so much my experience here that I ended up taking measures to finish my Bachelor's here and then, never left!

I immediately saw Montrealers as being warm and open-minded. Here, I've never felt discriminated against because of my origins. On the contrary, people show interest in my culture. The friends I have made are from Québec, Europe, and Latin America. Living in Greater Montréal gives me access to a cultural diversity I wouldn't have known had I stayed in Mexico.

Greater Montréal also offers me a nice lifestyle; it's a user-friendly metropolis. I also really appreciate how very safe the metropolitan area is. In Mexico, you need to be careful when you go out at night. Here we certainly benefit from greater freedom of movement.

I was really able to thrive, as a young adult, in Greater Montréal. It is here that I completed my studies, found a job, got married and started a family. My parents even recently made a request to obtain permanent residency in Canada.

Without a doubt, I feel at home here now!

My 3 favorite places in Greater Montréal

Jean-Talon Market - I worked there during my studies and now go there as a customer. To me this market is a symbol of the cultural diversity and openness of Montrealers.

Plateau Mont-Royal - I really like this neighbourhood with its cafés, small shops and pretty streets.

Old Montréal -  I love this district, where I worked for a long time. This is another part of the metropolis where you can find many pretty streets and beautiful historical buildings.

Jean-Talon Market

7070 Avenue Henri-Julien, Montréal, QC, H2S 3S3

Photo credit : Luc Robitaille