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33 years old, from Iran

Amir Moravej

I arrived in Greater Montréal in 2009 to do a Master in Engineering. I enrolled in two different Canadian universities but I eventually chose Greater Montréal because I felt that it offered more opportunities – and I wasn’t mistaken.

My goal was to come to North America to create a tech company. I planned to use my time here as a stepping-stone to Silicon Valley. While completing my master’s degree, I started to explore and get involved in the Greater Montréal start-up community and at the same time I was communicating with my friends in the Silicon Valley.

I realized that Greater Montréal was actually the ideal place to start an artificial intelligence company like the one I founded last year; it’s the artificial intelligence capital of North America! Not to mention that the costs of launching a business are lower here than anywhere else on the continent, with high quality services.

In Greater Montréal, even someone like me who spends the majority of his time at work, can find the right balance between work and home. There are so many activities that everyone is sure to find something that interests them, whether it’s arts, music, sports…it’s a metropolitan area with a unique flair and I’m here to stay.

My 3 favourite places in Greater Montréal

The OSMO Café – This café is located in the Notman House, a development platform for start-ups. They serve delicious coffee and sandwiches and it’s the perfect place to connect with other entrepreneurs, investors and people involved in this community.

Le lac aux Castors – I go for a run around this lake located in the Mont-Royal Park every few days or so. It’s perfect when you’re looking to get away and enjoy the nature… but it’s really close to downtown.

Strom Nordic Spa – In the winter, this spa is open until one in the morning on some Fridays and that’s the best time to go. Lounging in a warm bath in the middle of a cold night is an exceptional winter experience!

Café Osmo

51 Sherbrooke O street, Montréal, QC, H2X 1X2

Photo credit : Café Osmo