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28 years old, from Guinea

Maimouna Diakhaby

I chose to do my bachelor's degree in Greater Montréal because I wanted to explore new horizons, and preferably in a large, French-speaking metropolitan area. I was drawn to North America so, Greater Montréal just seemed like the logical choice. For someone from Guinea, it's an exotic region!

After my bachelor's degree, I stayed in Greater Montréal to work. Four years later, I left for the United States to do a master's degree in business administration. During this period, I often came back here – some of my relatives and many friends live here. Today, I work for an international strategy firm. I'm based in Greater Montréal, but also work with our Washington offices.

I'm particularly fond of Greater Montréal's cultural diversity. Some of my friends were born here while others come from Europe and Africa, and they often have French as their common language. I believe that being exposed to diversity helps us grow. 

Since I was 17 when I came to Greater Montréal, it is here that I became an adult. The metropolitan area helped shape the woman I am today. In spite of all the back and forth, today, I'm happy to call Greater Montréal home.

My 3 favorite places in Greater Montréal

Old Montréal - I live in this district and am very fond of this tiny piece of history within the metropolitan area. I particularly recommend the brunch at the Cartet, one of my favorite spots in the neighborhood.

Plateau Lounge - The bar at the WMontreal hotel with its elegant, relaxed lounge ambiance, is a favorite haunt of mine for after-work drinks.

Juliette & Chocolat - I love this small restaurant chain! They specialize in chocolate desserts, chocolate and hot chocolate. They also offer savory and sweet crepes. A great place for people with a sweet tooth! 

Old Montréal

Place Jacques-Cartier

Photo credit : Tourisme Montréal, Stéphan Poulin