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46 years old, from the United States

Randal Tucker

In 2001, when I chose to sell my business and return to school, I immediately thought of Greater Montréal. As I had vacationed there, I knew I liked the metropolitan area's ambiance, culture, food scene and night life. I was also drawn to the fact that it is a university capital and by its affordable cost of living. Even after returning to school in an intensive MBA program, I still had money left over after paying for necessities, to enjoy everything the metropolitan area has to offer. I was living the good life!

I always imagined myself staying here after my studies. I wanted to carve a place for myself in Greater Montréal. An added incentive was that I ended up meeting someone, a French-speaking Quebecker, who has now become my spouse!

The network of contacts I built during my MBA helped develop my career here. In 15 years, I've never really had to seek work since I was able to obtain mandates through my network. Currently, as a CEO, I am finding the business context in Canada very stimulating.

As a native Californian, people often think I hate winter. Truth is, I love that there are four distinct seasons and that Montrealers know how to enjoy each one. Greater Montréal has activities in every season!

My 3 favorite places Greater Montréal and its surroundings

La Place des Arts - My first career was as a classical musician, therefore, I attend concerts as often as I can.

Ski Bromont - I ski and I think it's fabulous that you can practice this sport only one hour away from the city! I go there practically every weekend.

Mount Royal Park - I think Montrealers should go more often to this huge park at the heart of the metropolis. I really like to go Nordic walking here.

Place des Arts

175 Sainte-Catherine Street West

Photo credit: Jean Gagnon